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The Manchester of North India! Lauded as the Manchester of north India, Kanpur is one of the important industrial hubs in India and also the 12th populous city. In fact, it holds an important place in the industrial department of India very next to the capital city, Delhi.

Besides being the iconic manufacturing, trade and agricultural centre, Kanpur is one of the best places in Uttar Pradesh for sightseeing and touring. In fact, touring in Kanpur is quite comfortable and convenient as most of the places are located in close proximity. Fun, Frolic at the Tourist Spots of Kanpur! Holding a substantial position in the social, political, cultural antiquity of India, Kanpur becomes more charming with the presence of holy river Ganga. There are many tourist locations in Kanpur like

Full Body Massage in Jajmau Kanpur

Jajmau is one of the prime tourist attractions which is located very close to the holy river of Ganga. With a great historical importance, Jajmau stands as a sheer example of the Indian history and lots of excavations have been taken place.

They have unearthed many historic items dated to the period 600 A.D. Massacre Ghat, Kanpur: this place holds an important place in the Indian independence history as the Revolt of 1857 happened in the exact area of Massacre Ghat in Kanpur.

Spa Center in Gurudwara Banno Sahib Kanpur

For people who are very fond of religious places, there is Gurudwara Banno Sahin. There are lots of followers of Gurudwara Banno Sahib who visit here frequently to get a glimpse of their beloved people experience the real essence of spirituality and tranquillity at the feet of Gurudwara Bann Sahib

Massage Parlour in Shri Radhakrishna Temple: Reflecting the sheer excellence of architecture, Shri Radhakrishna Temple in Kanpur is magnificently built with a distinctive amalgam of ancient bliss and contemporary design. The main deity of this temple is Shri Radhakrishna while the other shrines in the temple are devoted to Shri Laxminarayan, Shri Hanuman and Shri Ardhanarishwar. Buddha Park the tourists can spend their leisure evenings at this well-maintained park which serves as a recreation area for children and relaxation hub for older generation.

Massage Parlour in Phool Bagh Kanpur

The iconic flower show which happens every year in Phool Bagh is very famous among tourists. It also offers a big library and a summer house where people can unwind, relax and read their favorite book with a cup of hot chai.

Nana Rao Park located at a prime milieu, the park is one of the major tourist attractions in Kanpur as it is one of the biggest parks in town.

Body Spa in Moti Jheel Park Kanpur

This is a drinking water reservoir in Kanpur which is now restored into a beautiful park with recreational activities for children and young kids.

Best Beauty Parlour in Kanpur

Being the leather hub of India, Kanpur provides huge varieties of products made of leather like Purses, Wallets, Suitcase, Bags, Belts, Gloves, Shoes, Saddles, and Jackets. They also export Basketballs, Football, and Volleyballs to their customers all around the world.

People can easily locate leather shops in Kanpur and it is a huge shopping hub for leather and leather related products. There are many places where tourists can buy leather and other items at cheap rates. It includes Birhana Road, Naveen Market, P.P.N. Market, Matson road and The Mall. You can even visit the gramyog and government based shopping emporiums like UP Handloom Emporium and Phulkari and Manjusha to buy products at discounted prices. Comfortable and Lavish Stay at Kanpur Hotels Since, Kanpur is the hub for many industries; there are lots of hotels which offer an impeccable stay at convenient prices. They offer extraordinary amenities without burning your wallet.

Spa in Hotel Royal Cliff Kanpur

Being a five star hotel, one can expect the kind of stay one would be enjoying at this lavish property. With 42 luxurious rooms, the hotel is located at the heart of the city. 24 hours room service, laundry, Wi-Fi, telephone and mini are some of the in-room facilities available.

Full Body Massage in Best Western Hotel Bliss Kanpur

If you are in need of conference halls and banquet halls for various business meets, then this hotel would be an ideal choice. The unique business hotel even offers various deals and packages based on your requirement.

Massage Parlour in Little Chef Hotel Kanpur

With 32 rooms, Little Chef is a unique property where you can spend your vacation or plan your meetings peacefully. Rooftop lounge, doctor on call, indoor parking are some of their hotel amenities. If you want to rejuvenate yourself, then you can take part in the yoga sessions every morning. Revitalize, Rejuvenate and Soak in the Body Spa in Kanpur.

After a hectic day of meeting or sightseeing, you would definitely want coming off the stress of the tiring day. Though taking a lukewarm shower or having a leisure dip in the swimming pool or sipping your favorite drink are some of the ways to eliminate your stress, they don’t help you in eliminating it internally. Massage or spa therapy is one of a kind where the nerves or soft tissues of the body are given movements in systematic manners like pressing, rubbing, kneading, slapping and tapping which results in the blood circulation in all the affected areas, relief long term pain, improve the metabolism.

There are lots of body massage in kanpur taken care of specialized staff who take immense care in treating their clients. There are lots of styles followed at spa in Kanpur like Swedish, European, Asian and American. If you take a Swedish massage in the best spa in Kanpur, then you are sure to experience a decrease in stress and it also increases the white blood corpuscles. This, in turn, results in the improvement of the immune system. Apart from the blissful experience at the Massage parlour in Kanpur, the body starts to heal from within which helps you to come out of many health related problems.

There are many massage centre in Kanpur which offers excellent body massage at convenient rates. You can even go for special spa deals in Kanpur which offer package deals where you can mingle two or three massage therapies at discounted prices. There are many beauty parlours in Kanpur which also offer massage therapies and body spa in Kanpur with valid licence.

If you are couple trying to escape the stress of marriage, arrangements or post marriage pressure, then you can go for some cross gender body massage at the massage parlour in Kanpur which offer unisex body massages based on your requirement. Swedish massage is the best option for people who have just begun to enjoy massages. If you want your energy to flow easily, then you can take up Thai Yoga massage in massage center in Kanpur which is almost 25 hundred years old. Hot Stone therapy is the hot cake in the beauty salon in Kanpur as they incorporate the heat through warmed Basalt stones. They are well placed on acupressure points which are known as the chakras of the human body. The heat from the stones eliminates the tension and stress on the nerves and muscles and enables the free flow of energy through the chakras. Plan for a perfect spa this weekend and through away your stress, anxiety and hassle of the busy world.

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